Thoughts on the recent CS petitions?


November 22, 2017, 04:49:25 AM
Wondering how they'll solve this problem in the long term. It's not going to be easy to just hire a bunch of new professors.
November 26, 2018, 05:54:16 AM
For one, programming is an incredibly degrading job that offers 0 job security and is the vocation most plagued by ageism by a far margin. You are not respected at any normal company. Every day, some Alpha who probably does nothing at his job except get his secretary to suck his dick in his corner office cucks you into doing random bitch work, and then yells at you when it's not done by the deadline despite it being impossible to complete the work requested. Not only that, the code rarely works, your co-workers are Indians brought in by Tata Consultancy who will replace you for half the salary and you have to train them to get your $500 severence, and the work never, ever ends. You pollute your body with the caffeinenated jew, deprive it of sleep, and let it rot while you sit the majority of the day, neglecting any healthy exercise, social interaction or life goal attainment. It's like a postal worker, but coupled with feelings of loneliness, helplessness and total hopelessness. Programmers are too depressed to go postal, a sad state of affairs. After dentists, programmers have the highest rates of mental disorders, especially depression and suicide. It gets worse. Women, when they hear you are a programmer, instantly reject you. It is far better to tell a woman you are on welfare than to out yourself as a computer programmer. It's highly embarrassing for a woman to associate with a programmer, as everyone knows they are the grown up version of the hopeless virgin in high school. One who never really grew up and became normal and fit into society, but rather found an environment where he could escape the reality of his situation and be invisible, able to hide the toxic shame and utter humiliation that is the programmer. Programming's father, Alan Turing, killed himself with cyanide because he was a programmer. Programmers, why haven't you taken the cyanide pill and quit programming and turned to a respectable and productive profession to better society?
August 31, 2020, 07:21:49 AM
Brutal blackpill

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