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Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/11/2020
Great guy, knows the material well and makes jokes in the class. First exam was too long, he listened and vastly improved exam 2.

Expecting a W
Anonymous 10/29/2020
Nice guy, but good luck understanding the material. He does not curve either. Not very clear and assumes a lot of knowledge among students that many don't understand

Expecting a C+
Anonymous 09/16/2020
Pros: - Generally nice guy - Great Lecturer - Will drill a very solid understanding of Mathematical Proof into your head Cons: - At times was very condescending towards some of my classmates, didn't really like the environment it set up in some of the lectures (hence generally nice) - VERY heavy courseload (can be both great and negative) - Tough exams with absolutely no curve. Overall: If you are not taking a heavy courseload for a semester and you need to take 310, take it with him. You'll have a ton of challenging work during his class, but it will set up a very solid foundation for higher level classes and will pay off in the long run. If you have to take a heavy courseload, and need to take 310 (like I had to) then I can't recommend. His 310 course was way too overwhelming with the courseload I already had.

Expecting a D+
Anonymous 12/16/2019
Extremely disrespectful. I attended office hours every week, and he didn't help with any of the material whatsoever

Expecting an A
Anonymous 10/18/2019
Great dude and great lecturer. Exams are pretty fair, a lot of homework. He tried not to show his disappointment for our class, but you could tell that he thought we were all idiots.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 10/10/2019
Tough as nails but he knows the material inside and out. Obviously passionate about algebra. Proofs are well motivated and he is very good at understanding questions you may have during lecture. Many times after class ended, he would stick around to give advice on both hard and soft problems that arise in the math major. Would highly recommend.

Expecting a C+
Anonymous 09/01/2019
Cool guy, very prepared for lectures, follows the book. I really wanted to like the class but toward the end I was just worrying about grades instead of actually enjoying the contents, so that wasn't great... (the final mark was horrible indeed). the content is not hard but I felt like I didn't grow in the right direction. The homework problems didn't provide too much intuition of what we should be doing -- even though most of the times I did all the exercises without much difficulty I still couldn't get the big picture.

Anonymous 08/15/2019
I will say, he is a nice guy, and has a very friendly / happy attitude during lectures. That being said, his class was horrible. None of the practice exams, worksheets, practice problems, or webassign HW were anywhere close to the difficulty of his exams. I often felt like they differed from each other as well. I frequently felt like what he'd teach in class had nothing to do with what we were going over in discussion the next day. Also manages his time very poorly. Never had to stay late in a class so frequently because he wouldn't have time to go over important material and just try to explain it all in the last 5 minutes. This is partially because I feel like he goes too in depth into questions during class. Don't get me wrong, I love it when the teachers give us a chance to respond to see if we are on page. But he'd spend 10+ minutes answering questions that aren't extremely relevant instead of just teaching the stuff he was supposed to.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 05/12/2019
His lectures are really good. Makes it clear his expectations of the students are in order to succeed in this course (get an A or more). By the end of the first and second midterm it is easy to tell which students didn't follow these guidelines. The class is difficult, but not soul-crushingly so. I would guess that 2 hours a day every day reading the book and thinking about the exercises should be enough for an A. Most people do much, much less than this. He is very helpful in office hours and wants to see his students succeed (provided they are working their hardest).

Anonymous 04/11/2019
Fantastic lecturer. Fair grader. Be warned: he does not pull punches when it comes to exams and is not a fan of curving. If you plan on going to grad school for math, I definitely recommend Manning.

Anonymous 05/11/2018
Really enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching. Fun to talk to.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 03/01/2018
REALLY nice guy! charismatic and really good at explaining, especially if you go to office hours. Exams are much harder than other teachers with very little/ no curve, but you will learn a lot from him (conceptually).