PlanetTerp is a website designed to help students at the University of Maryland — College Park (UMD) make informed decisions. We provide a professor review system, grade data for courses and professors, and various tools which aggregate data about UMD and its courses. We hope that you find these features useful!


Our goal is to provide information that will help all students at UMD make informed decisions.

Review Writing Tips

If you're not sure what to write, here are some suggestions to get you started:

You're welcome to write your review in anyway you see fit, but here are a few tips to maximize your review's readablility and usefulness:

While anyone is free to submit a review, anonymously or otherwise, all reviews are manually verified by us before being displayed on the site. Below are some common reasons reviews get rejected:

Review Accuracy

A common concern with professor review websites is that the reviews aren't necessarily accurate to real life, because a student with a negative experience is more likely to leave a review than a student with a positive experience. This may certainly be true, and you should take this into account when considering reviews.

Additionally, be especially wary of trusting the rating of a professor with a low number of reviews.

Source Code

PlanetTerp is completely open source! Check out our GitHub. Contributions and/or feature requests are welcome.


Professor and course information comes from a combination of the Schedule of Classes and umd.io. Grade data is obtained from the IRPA via a PIA request. Initial reviews were imported from OurUMD, and initial grade data was from VA Grades.

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