This page contains all of the tools on PlanetTerp. It will be updated as we add more.

A screenshot of a graph showing the demographic breakdown by race and ethnicity of undergraduates at the University of Maryland, College Park from 1975 until 2016. Over time, the percentage of white students decreases.
40 Years of Race & Ethnicity at UMD
A screenshot of a doughnut chart that displays the most popular courses at the University of Maryland, College Park. A user can enter a search term to see the most popular courses containing that term.
Popular Courses
A screenshot of a page titled "Easiest & Hardest Courses & Departments at UMD". UMD stands for University of Maryland. There are two tables with headers "Difficulty by department" and "Difficulty by course". These list each department and course on PlanetTerp as well as their average GPA and the number of students in each.
Easiest & Hardest Courses & Departments at UMD
A screenshot of a page titled "Search Courses By General Education Requirements". The page contains checkboxes of a list of general education requirements, such as DSHS (History and Social Sciences). Toward the bottom of the page a table can be seen listing courses, course titles, number of credits, and average GPAs. For example, the title of ANTH265 is Anthropology of Global Health, it is 3 credits, and it has an average GPA of 3.62.
Search Courses By General Education Requirement
A screenshot of a page titled "Grade Inflation at UMD". The page contains a chart that allows users to input a department or course. After the user searches, a chart appears that shows the average GPA for that department or course from 1998 until 2019.
Grade Inflation at UMD