Advanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community; Black Politics and Policy: A Multimedia Approach

This is an online course that uses media (films/documentaries/digital) to explore African-American politics and policy in the post-Civil Rights Era. This particular session will focus on the impact of COVID on African-Americans and discuss policy areas like health, criminal justice, economics, housing and education and the politics that shape both the pre-COVID conditions in and the impact on the African-American community.

Sister Courses: AASP499A, AASP499B, AASP499C, AASP499G, AASP499L, AASP499M, AASP499N, AASP499O, AASP499P, AASP499Q, AASP499R, AASP499S, AASP499T

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