Selected Topics in Asian American Studies; Filipino American History and Biography

Cross-listed with AMST328J. Credit granted for AAST398D or AMST328J. Focus is placed on Filipino American experiences with an emphasis on identity, community building and organizing to influence public policy We will cover pertinent events from the US and Philippine history in order to understand the impact of colonialism, migration, immigration and assimilation on Filipino Americans.

Sister Courses: AAST398A, AAST398B, AAST398E, AAST398F, AAST398G, AAST398I, AAST398J, AAST398L, AAST398M, AAST398N, AAST398O, AAST398Q, AAST398R, AAST398T, AAST398V, AAST398W, AAST398Y

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