Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology; Performativity of Law and Justice

Crosslisted with THET408L. Credit only granted for ANTH468V or THET408L. Law is theatre, sport, and business. True stories are creatively told to select audiences and stakes are high. This class will explore the performances and performative power of courtroom trials and testimony, as well as offstage legal culture. We will examine notions of truth, evidence, reason, and justice, and will analyze examples from both the everyday and the sensational.

Sister Courses: ANTH468B, ANTH468D, ANTH468F, ANTH468G, ANTH468I, ANTH468J, ANTH468K, ANTH468L, ANTH468M, ANTH468O, ANTH468Q, ANTH468T, ANTH468X

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