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Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Food Cultures in the Global Middle East

Food is both the stuff of everyday routine and rich symbolic meaning, from holiday meals to daily staples. Studying food offers new perspectives on modernization, colonialism, and nationalism, and illuminates popular experiences of major historical events. This course introduces students to the history and culture of the modern Middle Eastand North Africa using materials that include film, cookbooks, and food writing alongside scholarly texts. Taught in English.

Sister Courses: ARAB499A, ARAB499B, ARAB499D, ARAB499E, ARAB499F, ARAB499G, ARAB499I, ARAB499J, ARAB499K, ARAB499L, ARAB499M, ARAB499N, ARAB499O, ARAB499P, ARAB499Q, ARAB499R, ARAB499T, ARAB499V, ARAB499W, ARAB499X, ARAB499Y, ARAB499Z

Fall 2021

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