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Colloquium in Art History; Contemporary Chinese and Chinese American Cinema on Women

Through a transnational study of major filmmakers from mainland China to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Chinese diapora, the course is intended to consider issues of female cinematic authorship, gender and sexuality in cinematic representation, power and knowledge, negotiations of local and global cultural politics.

Sister Courses: ARTH488, ARTH488A, ARTH488B, ARTH488D, ARTH488E, ARTH488F, ARTH488G, ARTH488I, ARTH488J, ARTH488K, ARTH488L, ARTH488M, ARTH488N, ARTH488O, ARTH488P, ARTH488Q, ARTH488R, ARTH488S, ARTH488T, ARTH488V, ARTH488W, ARTH488X

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