Colloquium in Art History; Contemporary Chinese and Chinese American Cinema on Women

Cross-listed with FILM429C and WGSS498J. Credit only granted for ARTH488C, FILM429C, or WGSS498J. This course examines the representation of Chinese and Chinese-American women in contemporary cinema from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese diaspora. The changing images of women in a spectrum of genres, by some of the most representative directors, will be studied through the application of major critical concepts in visual culture and cinema studies.

Sister Courses: ARTH488A, ARTH488B, ARTH488D, ARTH488E, ARTH488F, ARTH488G, ARTH488I, ARTH488J, ARTH488L, ARTH488M, ARTH488N, ARTH488O, ARTH488P, ARTH488Q, ARTH488R, ARTH488S, ARTH488T, ARTH488U, ARTH488V, ARTH488W, ARTH488X

Fall 2022

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Fall 2021

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