Reviews for professors for BIOE371

Professor Information Review
Jose Aranda-Espinoza
Expecting a C
Anonymous 05/21/2019
Avoid if you can. He made 371 harder and more difficult than it's supposed to be. He has ridiculously high standards and he claims he is not curving. Gives extra credit as a "curve" but he usually picks the most difficult questions for extra cred, making it nearly impossible to get. It doesn't even boost your grade. We had a take-home exam due the day before finals that was extremely difficult and took up so much time. if there was a 0-star rating I would give him that.
Jose Aranda-Espinoza
Anonymous 03/25/2019
If I can give him less than a star, I would. He doesn't teach. His notes (which he reads off of) are straight from the textbook so there's no point in going to class. Even when he tries to do examples of problems, he only focuses on the ones already in the book. The way the grading system work is really messed up. Quizzes are 25% of your grade, and the lowest one isn't dropped. This is very frustrating because the class is at 9am and the quizzes are given the first 10 minutes of class. So if you miss one, you're screwed. Only way I can probably pass this class is if he curves.
Jose Aranda-Espinoza
Anonymous 03/18/2019
Absolutely the worst professor in the world I can assure you. Never take him because you will end up learning nothing from him. He may be a nice person, but he cannot teach. He has zero passion for teaching and if you take his class he has ridiculous standards for every student. Unless if you're phenomenally good at math, you will struggle if he's the professor for 371. Avoid at all costs. I am not even a bad student but the semester I took his class affected my grades, solely because he was the professor for 371. He doesn't teach, he just reads the textbook to us, and even when he attempts to teach, he never really explains anything and assumes we all understand. Even when you go to his office hours he is frustrating to talk to. I would never advise my worst enemy to take his class, that's how horrible he is as a professor.
Benjamin Shapiro
Expecting an A-
Anonymous 11/03/2016
He's a great professor and knows his stuff (he likes giving examples based on cars and cruise control). His quizzes can be crazy at times and i had 2 or 3 quizzes with zeros but I still ended up with a B+ in the class. His exams are standard and this is were you need to pick up and slack from quizzes so as long as you pay attention in class, study and understand his notes you can easily get a perfect score. He cares about students understanding material so he will ask multiple times before moving on if you understand so if you don't just say you don't.