Reviews for professors for BMGT476

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Hongyi Zhang
Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/20/2019
I would recommend Professor Zhang, but she has a weird organizational style. I was never really sure if we had an assignment to do or what was coming up, the way she laid out due dates in the syllabus was confusing. Also, she would not release the ELMS assignments until the day before they were due, which was difficult for me as I have a job and don't have every afternoon free. She also asks a few nitpicky questions with tricky answers on the quizzes and exams. Other than that, the class was good. Not too much work and a bunch of it was basically a 100% as long as you did it. The first half of the semester can be super boring but the second half was actually pretty fun. There's a simulation where you have a team/"company" and you try to get the highest company valuation of your class. Part of your grade depends on how you place in the simulation so try to really understand it early on. Overall, she's really sweet, you can get an A pretty easily, and the work is pretty low-level and super manageable. I would take her again if given the option.