Reviews for professors for BSCI106C

Professor Information Review
Gerald Borgia
Expecting a B
maglist1 05/04/2010
Ok so Borgia was one of the most boring lectures I have ever been to see. He does these clicker questions that are eventually totaled up into an exam grade which sucked but the TAs in this class are amazing. Reimi was great and actually made lab pretty fun.
Sara Via
Anonymous 03/31/2008
I only liked her for the first lecture, and from there my opinion of her plummeted. She reads directly from her lecture notes so there is no point in going to class. I got an A in the course and skipped a good 2/3 of the classes once I figured out there was no point in going. The material isn't too hard and she tests you right from the lecture outline in addition to holding review sessions, though I never went. She also posts study questions with the answers, so it IS helpful in studying for the exams. The quizzes she gives are badly worded and it was hard to pick out an approriate answer. She didn't like you to ask her questions and like the others said, spent way to much time campaigning to save the rainforest. Aside from her boring lectures and lack of teaching skills, I didn't find the course too diffucult.
Sara Via
Expecting an A
Anonymous 03/26/2008
This woman is perhaps the WORST biology professor I have ever encountered. She makes it very clear in the beginning of the course that she should be our last resort for help.She skipped important material in lecture to cover instead reasons that we should recycle and ways to save the rainforest. One lecture on that would have been enough but she managed to lecture about it for more than two weeks. She skipped human evolution even though it was still covered on the exam . The projector stopped working during the phylogeny lecture and although she didnt cover the material we were still expected to know ALL of the material for the exam. Dont even bother going to the last lecture on case studies because it is a pure waste of time as she goes through 50 min of the different organizations that are trying to save the rain forest.