Reviews for professors for CCJS234

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David Salem
Expecting a B-
Anonymous 12/16/2020
I would say this is a messy class I have ever learned. I have achieved almost full credits on the first half of the semester since the ideas and points he taught are clear. While in the second half of the semester it is a disaster since what he taught are really confusing and his lectures are unlistenable. It is a harsh time for me to record and reconsider all ideas. And the final include more than 30/50 questions related to hypotheses which is tremendously difficult to decide in just 75 minutes. Overall I think this class is a good one to just learn with P/S but if you want to have a good grade, do not choose this.
David Salem
Expecting an A
FatJesus 08/19/2009
The class is early in the morning, but that is the trade-off for having a Federal Attorney as your professor. He is friendly and upbeat, elaborates on any Law related thing you ask him about (even if it doesn't have to do with the class), and gives copious notes worth of information. I took all of what he said down almost verbatim and took the time to understand each concept logically. This allowed me to consistently get A's on all the assignments. Taking that much notes and working through all those concepts is certainly not easy, but if you care about learning the intricacies of the law then you will do it for fun and end up passing the class. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Mr. Salem. Point of interest: In the past, a friend of mine took his class and found that it was hard contact the TA and get answers to certain questions from the professor. This was before I took the class. When I took it, I had no such problems.
David Salem
Anonymous 12/22/2008
If you actually want to learn, I highly recommend this class. It isn't an easy "A" like a like a lot of other crim classes, but Salem has a ton of knowledge to share especially if you are interested in law school after undergrad.
David Salem
Anonymous 12/20/2008
This guy has the worst Lectures, there are no slides, powerpoints, or multimedia of any kind to keep you awake during class. His shit gets boring quick and he talks about the same stuff all semester. He actually taught for 30 minutes before handing out the final and then *****ed he had to leave early. Boring class, with 3 assignments. No chance for extra credit and he has no time for students