Reviews for CHEM403

Information Review
Alice Mignerey

Expecting a B
The only reason Prof. Mignerey is getting three stars and not one is for two reasons. Firstly, Radiochemistry is her specialty. She was proud to teach us all about her life's work and was excited to teach everyday. We even took a class trip to visit the reactor! Secondly, ALL of the exams, including the final exam, were take home! She would make the exam available after class on Friday and it would be due Monday by 11 am. We could use any resources we could as long as we didn't work with each other. That's about where the positives end. Prof. Mignerey would spent way too much time during class logging in and keeping track of files on her laptop. It was like a geriatric was just discovering what a computer is. She didn't even know what minimizing and maximizing a window did. It was excruciating. She had a very confusing lecturing style when writing on the blackboard. You kind of had to just write everything down and try to decipher it later. She also said that the material for the course is more like a graduate level course and it felt like it too. The exams, even though they were take home and open note, took me hours to finish. All in all, this class was worth it for an upper level chem elective.