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Object-Oriented Programming II

Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in CMSC131; or must have earned a score of 5 on the A Java AP exam; or must have earned a satisfactory score on the departmental placement exam. And minimum grade of C- in MATH140. Introduction to use of computers to solve problems using software engineering principles. Design, build, test, and debug medium -size software systems and learn to use relevant tools. Use object-oriented methods to create effective and efficient problem solutions. Use and implement application programming interfaces (APIs). Programming done in Java.

Sister Courses: CMSC132A, CMSC132H

Spring 2022

102 reviews
Average rating: 4.44

105 reviews
Average rating: 4.09

40 reviews
Average rating: 3.40

Fall 2021

138 reviews
Average rating: 2.96

Summer 2021

30 reviews
Average rating: 3.80

Past Semesters

44 reviews
Average rating: 2.86

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