Reviews for professors for ECON454

Professor Information Review
Charles Hulten
Expecting a B
Anonymous 05/14/2013
100% of the review aoiara made for econ306 can be applied for econ454
Melissa Kearney
Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/30/2012
One if, if not the, best teachers I've had at UMD. She cares a lot about the subject and is extremely knowledgeable. From what I gathered she is a pretty highly respected academic and has a bunch of papers out on various topics. Really wants her students to learn the material and to express interest in the subject. She also takes an interest in students' futures and is willing to talk and help with life in econ beyond college. On top of all that, Public Finance is a very interesting class and offers a ton of important information that every econ major should be familiar with. Extremely happy that I took this class and would recommend it to anyone.