Reviews for ENCE426

Information Review
Kiley Wilfong Cullen

Expecting an A
This is a rather tough review to write as Kiley was asked to teach this class ~2 weeks before the semester started, because of this all of the content for this course was prepared by the previous instructor. Additionally, Kiley faced some personal challenges that forced the class to go online for most of the semester. We only met in person 2-3 times throughout the whole semester. These were not an issue for me, I'm just mentioning that I would not expect this exact scenario moving forward. Despite these small roadblocks, I would totally recommend this professor. Despite not having any answer keys or rubrics, grading was pretty quick and we did get feedback on our assignments. Kiley was also very accommodating with extensions and late work. She also made several changes to the assignments based on student feedback. The final group project was dropped entirely and some of the more tedious assignments were shortened or adapted. Each week we had to follow along with a different chapter in our textbook. The workload varied from week to week but was not necessarily hard, it could definitely get tedious though. The midterm consisted of you creating a model based off of some provided drawings alongside some short answer questions. This was a bit of a difficulty jump as up to this point we had basically been following along step by step with the textbook. We got 3 hours to do it and it was online so we could use our textbook and other resources, Kiley has mentioned that she plans on changing this so don't expect this exact format. The lectures were roughly 45mins to 75mins each week depending on the topic. Here Kiley gave some tips, tricks, and recommendations, or answered students questions based on that weeks topic. She also spoke about her experience working in the construction industry which was more than welcome. One week she did bring in a former colleague as a guest speaker which was cool. She is a good resource and will be glad to help you if you ask. She was also quick to respond to emails. I would totally recommend Kiley as a prof and this class as a whole. As mentioned above Kiley will be adapting the course to be more her own so expect some changes in the future.
Jason Dreher

Expecting an A-
Jason is a get in get out kinda guy. Loves revit it’s his passion as a man in construction. Basically the final project is the largest part of your grade so don’t delay on it, and the midterm was pretty solid as well. Make sure to study the book answers for quizzes. Also homie deleted the class 2 hours after the final project was due lmao. Love this man