Topics in Microelectronics; Renewable Energy

History of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, PV Cell, Module and Array Models and Equivalent Circuits, Characteristic Resistance, Fill Factor, Effects of Parasitic Resistances, Mismatch Effects, Shading, Bypass Diodes, Sun Tracking Systems, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Techniques, Isolated and Non-isolated Switch-mode DC/DC for PV Systems, Inverter Design and Control, Sizing the PV Panel and Battery Pack in PV Applications. Wind Energy Conversion Systems: Introduction to Wind Energy Harvesting, Horizontal and Vertical Wind Systems, Fundamentals of Wind Energy Harvesting Systems, Variable Speed and Fixed Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS), Wind Turbines and Different Electrical Machines in Wind Applications, Induction Machine and Dynamic Model of Induction Machines, Synchronous Generators and Dynamic Model of SG, Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

Sister Courses: ENEE419A, ENEE419M

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