Reviews for ENGL275

Information Review
Radford Skudrna

Expecting an A+
Radford is a fantastic professor. Really passionate about what he teaches and he's eager to work with each student during class in order to get them more comfortable with sharing their writing and giving and receiving constructive criticism. Very personable, dude loves icebreakers for the first few weeks, and they really help you to get more relaxed when it comes time to share and workshop your writing with peers.
Heidi Scott

Expecting an A
I felt like the course was a bit too much work for a gen ed class, but it was fun to learn how to write a script. I was expecting a B+ because I got A-'s/B+'s for all my assignments no matter how much effort I put in, but I ended up with an A, so I think she doesn't follow the +/- system. It's a fun class if you're interested in screenwriting, but not an easy A.