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Writing Center Internship

Prerequisite: Permission of the Writing Center (1205 Tawes Hall). Repeatable to 12 credits. Examines face-to-face and online writing center theory and practice through readings, exercises, and supervised tutoring. Students investigate the writing process and help other writers to negotiate it. Prerequisite: permission of department. Repeatable to 12 credits. To apply, go to internship. Students taking ENGL388W for the first time should register for section 0101 for 4 credits. When taking the course a gain in subsequent semesters, students should register for 2001.

Sister Courses: ENGL388A, ENGL388C, ENGL388D, ENGL388M, ENGL388P, ENGL388R, ENGL388T, ENGL388V

Spring 2022

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