Seminar in Political Philosophy; Global Justice

Restriction: Must be in Government & Politics program; or must be in Government & Politics: International Relations program. The course begins by laying the foundation for the debate over the scope and limits of global justice, and then examines some topics that arise when thinking globally about justice, such as poverty, the environment and waging war. The course ends by considering the possibility of creating a cosmopolitan framework within which to adjudicate between competing interests in the globalized world.

Sister Courses: GVPT449A, GVPT449C, GVPT449D, GVPT449E, GVPT449F, GVPT449H, GVPT449I, GVPT449J, GVPT449K, GVPT449L, GVPT449P, GVPT449X

Spring 2023

26 reviews
Average rating: 3.58

Spring 2022

26 reviews
Average rating: 3.58

Past Semesters

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