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Antoine Borrut
Expecting a B-
Anonymous 01/25/2012
Well, Hist429Y: "Islamic Memory," was a seminar class I took with Professor Borrut in Fall '11. In all honesty, I think I learned more in this class than any class that I've ever taken and I looked forward to it very much; and I'm a senior in History. That being said, however, it was second only to my SENIOR THESIS class in difficulty: two 10pg papers and a final 12pg. Like the other reviews say, he is a nice guy and is very helpful and available, but the level of work required in this class was astounding; also don't be an idiot and plagiarize, a number of people were hit for it. If you're looking for a class where you will profoundly learn something from an expert and aren't afraid of 6-10 readings per week, this is your class; if you are looking for a gimmie class however, do not even waste your time.