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Advanced Health Economics and Analysis

Prerequisite: Completion of HLSA 711 or permission of department. We will learn about the health care sector and how to apply the tools of economics to analyze the structure and performance of this section. Behavior of each of the agents in the market will be analyzed broadly: consumers, suppliers, and insurers, with issues of efficiency and equity in mind. The features of the market for health services are described with emphasis placed on the characteristics which make this market different from the markets for other goods and services. The areas in which market failure occurs are covered and the history and rationale for heavy government intervention in the market is described. The effects of government intervention are analyzed. Health economics is a broad field, encompassing a wide range of topics. Also, it frequently involves interdisciplinary research. We will examine selected topics in health economics in depth, with a review to developing great understanding and critical skills of published work in areas of current research interest the filed. Accordingly, we will discuss and critique a number of articles in details.

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