The Problem of Prejudice: Overcoming Impediments to Global Peace and Justice

What is prejudice? How are our prejudices formed? What similarities and differences are there between various forms of prejudice across race, gender, nationality, politics, religion, among others? What is the relationship between prejudice and conflict? What is the role of prejudice in thinking about issues of peace and justice? How can we better understand the role that prejudice and discrimination have in a globalizing world? What can we learn from a scientific basis of knowledge about the causes of prejudice? This course will survey interdisciplinary scholarly research and popular cultural conversations about the root causes of prejudice and discrimination. You are expected to examine empirical evidence toward formulating your own views about the impact that all forms of prejudice impose on the human condition and the role it has played in your own life. Based on research evidence, the course encourages the search for solutions to the blight of prejudice. Restricted to UH students matriculating in Fall 2020 or later. HNUH228Z is part of the War & Peace cluster. War & Peace courses will not be offered after Spring 2022, so you should only take this course if you have either previously completed HNUH228A, or if you will take this course and HNUH228A together in Spring 2022.

Sister Courses: HNUH228A, HNUH228B, HNUH228C, HNUH228O, HNUH228R, HNUH228U, HNUH228V, HNUH228W, HNUH228Y

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