It Happened To Me - Truth, Lies, & Discovery in Memoir

How good is your memory? Remembering is a tricky process that can change based on how long ago an event happened and our relationship to it. From recalling an early personal memory to participating in cultural memories, our memories can even disagree with other people's. Do you trust the memory of someone who was there when it happened, or a historian who pieces together facts from multiple accounts and objects years later? In this course you will be challenged to explore stories in which memories disagree, traumatic childhoods are forgotten, generational memories morph over time, and memories can be false or created.

Sister Courses: HONR218A, HONR218B, HONR218C, HONR218D, HONR218E, HONR218F, HONR218G, HONR218J, HONR218K, HONR218L, HONR218M, HONR218N, HONR218O, HONR218P, HONR218R, HONR218T, HONR218V, HONR218W, HONR218X, HONR218Y, HONR218Z

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