Honors Seminar; Cracking Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Re-dis covering the Higgs & Searching for Invisible Matter-Part II

Open to ALL students, including those not in the Honors program. Students will explore the basic foundations of the scientific method and the fundamentals of scientific research, ultimately drafting a brief proposal for their own research project based on principles studied during the semester. Topics include the theory behind constructing a valid experimental hypothesis, best practices for data collection, relevant skills for modern data analysis, and scientific writing conventions. Students will learn from timely and interesting examples how experimentsare designed, executed, and presented in the real-world, receiving a robust primer on the process of scientific reasoning that will be applicable toany field they choose to pursue in the future.

Sister Courses: HONR269A, HONR269C, HONR269E, HONR269G, HONR269I, HONR269K, HONR269M, HONR269P, HONR269R, HONR269T, HONR269U, HONR269V, HONR269W, HONR269X, HONR269Y, HONR269Z

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