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How Does the Brain Speak? Insight from Neuroimaging and Brain Damage

We speak at an average rate of 200 words per minute! An amazing number of processes occur when we speak: conceptualizing what to say, selecting the words that convey our ideas, selecting the tone of the message, constructing grammatical sentences, uttering the sounds that make up the sentences, and so on. How do our brains enable us to speak creatively at such a rapid rate? And how did we find out about neural operations involved in speaking? This course uses a multidisciplinary approach to address these issues, drawing from neuroscience, brain imaging, psycholinguistics, speech pathology and cognitive neuropsychology.

Sister Courses: HONR279B, HONR279E, HONR279I, HONR279K, HONR279L, HONR279N, HONR279O, HONR279P, HONR279Q, HONR279R, HONR279T, HONR279V, HONR279W, HONR279Y, HONR279Z

Fall 2020

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