Special Topics in Israel Studies; Ethnic Relations in Israel

Credit Only granted for ISRL329L or SOCY398O. This course will examine the history and development of Israel's unique mosaic of ethnicities, including secular and religious, Mizrahim (Eastern) and Ashkenazi (Western) Jews, Christian and Muslim Palestinians, Russians, Ethiopians, and many more, including how they don't (and do) get along with each other. It will also examine various approaches to both studying and dealing with the issues that are raised by this amazing diversity.

Sister Courses: ISRL329A, ISRL329B, ISRL329C, ISRL329D, ISRL329E, ISRL329F, ISRL329G, ISRL329K, ISRL329M, ISRL329N, ISRL329P, ISRL329Q, ISRL329R, ISRL329T, ISRL329V, ISRL329W, ISRL329X, ISRL329Y, ISRL329Z

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