Special Topics in Jewish Studies; The Self and the "Other" in Israeli Culture: Literature, Film, and Televsion

Credit granted only for ISRL349Q, CMLT398B, FILM329J, HEBR498Q, or JWST319Q. Modern Israel includes people of many different faiths, ethnicities, languages, and cultures, but Jews of European origin have generally dominated its political and cultural climate. Through literature and film, we will explore how the sense of the "self" is constructed and how the "other" is imagined in Israeli culture. "Others" include Palestinians, Sephardim, Mizrahim, non-Zionists, women, and Eastern Europeans who do not relinquish their ties to the past, as well as other individuals who resist the collective ideologies of a nation constructing itself.

Sister Courses: JWST319A, JWST319C, JWST319D, JWST319F, JWST319G, JWST319K, JWST319L, JWST319M, JWST319N, JWST319O, JWST319P, JWST319R, JWST319T, JWST319V, JWST319W, JWST319X, JWST319Y

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