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Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies; The Aztecs: Human Sacrifice and Conquest

Cross-listed with HIST429N, PHIL428N, and RELS419J. Credit only granted for HIST429N, PHIL428N, RELS419J, or LASC448J. We examine the philosophical worldview and daily life of the Aztecs as well as arguments concerning the legitimacy of the Conquest.

Sister Courses: LASC448A, LASC448B, LASC448E, LASC448F, LASC448I, LASC448K, LASC448L, LASC448M, LASC448N, LASC448O, LASC448P, LASC448Q, LASC448T, LASC448U, LASC448W, LASC448X, LASC448Y

Fall 2021

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