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Special Topics in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences; Chemistry of Natural Waters

Application of principles from chemical thermodynamics and kinetics to the study and interpretation of the chemical composition of natural waters is rationalized by considering metal ion solubility controls, pH, carbonate equilibria, adsorption reactions, redox reactions and the kinetics of oxygenation reactions which occur in natural water environments.

Sister Courses: MEES698A, MEES698B, MEES698C, MEES698D, MEES698E, MEES698F, MEES698G, MEES698I, MEES698J, MEES698K, MEES698L, MEES698M, MEES698N, MEES698O, MEES698P, MEES698Q, MEES698R, MEES698S, MEES698T, MEES698V, MEES698X, MEES698Y, MEES698Z

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