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Selected Topics in Nutrition; Research Design and Methods in Health Promotion and Nutrition Education

Cross-listed with NFSC498V. Credit only granted for NFSC678V or NFSC498V. The major goals of this course are to help students understand fundamental behavioral, social models and theories used in the field of nutrition, and to address methodological issues in developing, implementing, and evaluating intervention programs, particularly in the context of nutrition education and behavior. The class topics include types of social and behavioral theories and models applied in the field of nutrition education and public health, conceptual framework building, methodological basics (conceptualizing and operationalizing measurements reliability and validity of scales, psychometric analysis including factor analysis, and issues in evaluating intervention programs.

Sister Courses: NFSC678A, NFSC678C, NFSC678D, NFSC678F, NFSC678G, NFSC678K, NFSC678L, NFSC678M, NFSC678R

Fall 2021

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