Reviews for professors for PHYS721

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James Drake
Expecting an A
grumble 12/17/2013
Drake is a wonderful professor that really has a knack for teaching. I took this same class with a different professor (Bernake) and I simply couldn't understand him. On the other hand, Drake teaches in a slow and methodical fashion that's incredibly easy to understand so long as you attend each and every lecture. He goes into much detail around the example problems he gives that are very similar, if not identical, to the problems that he gives on exams. The HW can get difficult at times, but the professor is always more than willing to help however he can. When it comes down to students, Drake shows genuine care in the success of his students and at one point, had an intervention of sorts when the class failed to meet his expectations. He holds review sessions before every exam and lets us know what's going on at all times, including exam days, review days, how far we are in the curriculum and so on.