Advanced Topics in Religious Studies; Indigenous Thought in the Americas

Cross-listed with AMST498K. Credit only granted for: AMST498K or RELS419B. Relying exclusively upon indigenous authors, this course examines the philosophical-religious-intellectual views of the indigenous peoples of what Europeans call "the New World" -- and what indigenous peoples variously call "Abya Yala,""Anahuac," "Turtle Island," and "Mapu". We examine a variety of topics including: what it is like to be discovered, anthropologically studied, and scientifically objectified; genocide of native peoples; destruction and commodification of native cultures; internal colonialism; globalization; religion; philosophy; environmentalism; and the ethics of sports mascots. Authors will include Vine Deloria, Jr., Leroy Little Bear, V.F. Cordova, Huanani-Kay Trask, Evo Morales, Fausto Reinaga, George Tinker, Anne Waters, Kyle Powys Whyte, Brian Yazzie Burkhart, and Winona LaDuke (among others).

Sister Courses: RELS419A, RELS419C, RELS419E, RELS419J, RELS419L, RELS419R

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