Special Topics in Undergraduate Studies; BTC Seminar III, Civic Leadership for Community Engagement

This multi-disciplinary seminar enables students to develop their leadership skills by working collaboratively with their peers on joint projects to enhance and to deepen civic engagement and constructive social change on key civic issues on campus and in the broader community on local, national and global issues. Students will carry out collaborative community-based research that addresses an important civic issue and advances civic knowledge for solving that issue. Students will write a research paper (BTC monograph) and contribute to a joint professional report. The seminar will culminate in a BTC civic education or showcase event (e.g., public forum, conference, hearing, video presentation, etc.) where students will share their findings with the broader campus and members of the relevant community.

Sister Courses: UNIV389A, UNIV389B, UNIV389C, UNIV389D, UNIV389F, UNIV389G, UNIV389J, UNIV389K, UNIV389S, UNIV389T

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