Experiential Learning in Undergraduate Studies; Ensuring a World Fit for Children? Rethinking Our Civic Responsibilities

Students will explore the status of children (i.e., standards of living) and the key challenges (i.e., education, health, homelessness, poverty, war and conflict) they face in around the world the 21st Century. What prospects do children born today face and what is required to ensure a world fit for children? What is the civic responsibility of citizens, government and society to address these challenges and improve the opportunities for all children? How can the international community strengthen its commitment to children's welfare, well-being, and life opportunities around the world? The seminar will highlight promising strategies for improving children's well-being in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the developing world. The seminar will draw directly on the perspectives of leading nonprofit and civil society leaders through formal presentations and documentary films to identify possible policies and practices that will ensure a world fit for children.

Sister Courses: UNIV399, UNIV399D, UNIV399G, UNIV399P, UNIV399Q, UNIV399V, UNIV399X, UNIV399Y, UNIV399Z

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