Easiest & Hardest Courses & Departments at UMD

This page shows the easiest and hardest courses and departments by GPA at the University of Maryland — College Park. The data includes all courses taught at UMD in the Fall and Spring from 2012 – 2017, and Spring 2018.

We feel it important to note that we believe students should not take a course based on which professor gives the highest grades. A professor who gives out the lowest grades may still be the best professor for you to take. Of course, it is up to you; we do our best to provide the data to help you make an informed decision. Also, a course's difficulty cannot be judged solely by its GPA.

GPA calculations are done according to UMD's grade to quality points rules. All withdrawals (W) are considered to be 0.0 quality points.

Only departments and courses with 100 or more students are included. You can click on a header to sort the table or you can search. "# Students" is the number of students who are included in the data.

Difficulty by department

The following table shows difficulty by department. You can click on any department to search for some of the courses in the department.

Department Average GPA # Students

Difficulty by course

The following table shows difficulty by course. You can click on any course to see its page, which includes what percentage of students get each letter grade.

Course Average GPA # Students

Courses and departments which can only be taken pass/fail are not included in this list.

Data is not guaranteed to be correct.

The source of the grade data can be found here.