Martin Luther King Jr.

Cross-listed with: HIST108C, AMST189C. Credit only granted for: HIST108C, AASP298M, or AMST189C. Examines the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. We immediately rethink the image of King who liberals and conservatives construct as a dreamer of better race relations. We engage the complexities of an individual, who articulated a moral compass of the nation, to explore racial justice in post-World War II America. This course gives special attention to King's post-1965 radicalism when he called for a reordering of American society, an end to the war in Vietnam, and supported sanitation workers striking for better wages and working conditions. Topics include King's notion of the "beloved community", the Social Gospel, liberalism, "socially conscious democracy", militancy, the politics of martyrdom, poverty and racial justice, and compensatory treatment. Primary sources form the core of our readings.

Sister Courses: AASP298A, AASP298B, AASP298C, AASP298D, AASP298G, AASP298I, AASP298L, AASP298P, AASP298V, AASP298Z

Fall 2021

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