Asian American Public Policy

Cross-listed with: AAST421. Credit only granted for: AAST421, AAST498M or AMST418N. Formerly: AAST498M. Using Asian Pacific Americans as a case study, this course will analyze the development of public policy in America. Each week, topics such as community development, voting rights, and the movement to redress the wartime internment of Japanese Americans will serve as backdrops for discussion. We will explore the policy-making roles of legislators, judges, local and national political leaders, journalists, writers, unions, social movements, and community organizations.

Sister Courses: AMST418A, AMST418B, AMST418D, AMST418E, AMST418G, AMST418K, AMST418L, AMST418M, AMST418O, AMST418R

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