Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics: Introductory Biology Learning Assistantship

(Sponsoring Dept.: CBMG). Students apply methodologies learned in BSCI348P by serving as an undergraduate learning assistant (ULA) in conjunction with BSCI170 (formerly BSCI105). Prerequisite: A or B in BSCI348P and permission of instructor. Student must be available for one of the BSCI170 lecture periods (MWF 11-11:50 or 2:00-2:50). Students interested in this teaching/leadership opportunity should contact Dr. Patricia Shields ( for further information.

Sister Courses: BSCI348, BSCI348A, BSCI348B, BSCI348D, BSCI348I, BSCI348J, BSCI348K, BSCI348M, BSCI348P, BSCI348R, BSCI348T

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