Reviews for professors for BSCI360

Professor Information Review
Gerald Borgia
Expecting a B-
Anonymous 12/04/2019
TL;DR Don't take this class unless you want to really work for your grade. This is a 3 credit class but feels more like a 4 credit class Fun class, but a terrible teacher. The exams are T/F and short answers and its almost impossible to finish in time. He expects you to understand his typoed notes and how his rambling stories are relevant to the lecture. The discussions are pretty bad especially when he expects you to lead at least 2 discussions on scientific papers that are written for experts in the field. He grades kinda fairly just make sure you are on good terms with the TA though, my TA was a harsh grader so it made the class even more stressful
Gerald Wilkinson
Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/14/2012
Very knowledgeable and open to quetions. Also humble for a department chair - will take the time to help you. Class is pretty boring though.
Gerald Wilkinson
Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/14/2010
Horrible professor who does not offer any help! The TA was nicer but still did no offer much help! The professor was always busy and only cared about his own research. As a final project he made us write a grant proposal that Im more than sure he will use for his won good!