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Innovations in Counterterrorism

Restriction: Must be in the Terrorism Studies minor program. Explore the manners in which states respond to terrorist incidents and the threat of terrorism through counterterrorism approaches and strategies. We will examine counterterrorism responses from law enforcement, military, and the intelligence community. This will include discussions about policy decisions made in response to both terrorist attacks and the threat of terrorism. Counterterrorism strategies this course will cover include deterrence, interdiction, and legal efforts to combat terrorism, including terrorist financing and online recruitment. The course is divided into four general parts. First, we will provide an overview of government counterterrorism options and review key concepts. Second, we will examine law enforcement responses to terrorism including efforts to counter cyberterrorism, social media recruitment, and terrorist financing online. Third, we will focus on military responses to attacks conducted by terrorist groups, including deterrence strategies, targeted strikes, and covert operations. Last, we will review the challenges and complexities of counterterrorism approaches, including the ethical, moral, and legal dilemmas.

Spring 2021

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