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Special Topics in Computer Science; Digital Logic Design through Minecraft

Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in CMSC250 and CMSC216. Explores the fundamentals of digital logic design using Minecraft's Redstone. Using the low-level and intuitive visualization of circuitry Redstone provides, you will create a series of projects that apply principles of digital logic design learned in class. A student-led course through Student-Initiated Courses (STICs) @ UMD: Please click here for more information.

Sister Courses: CMSC389A, CMSC389B, CMSC389C, CMSC389D, CMSC389F, CMSC389I, CMSC389J, CMSC389K, CMSC389L, CMSC389M, CMSC389N, CMSC389O, CMSC389P, CMSC389Q, CMSC389R, CMSC389T, CMSC389U, CMSC389V, CMSC389W, CMSC389Y

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