Selected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Near-Earth Object Exploration

This course provides an overview of the near-Earth objects (NEOs) of our solar system|the asteroids and comets whose orbits closely approach Earth's orbit|and what we know about them, what we're learning about them, and how to design spacecraft missions to interact with them.

Sister Courses: ENAE788A, ENAE788B, ENAE788C, ENAE788D, ENAE788E, ENAE788F, ENAE788G, ENAE788I, ENAE788J, ENAE788K, ENAE788L, ENAE788M, ENAE788O, ENAE788P, ENAE788Q, ENAE788R, ENAE788T, ENAE788V, ENAE788W, ENAE788X, ENAE788Y, ENAE788Z

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