Reviews for professors for ENGL498

Professor Information Review
Rachel Waugh
Expecting an A
Anonymous 03/17/2021
I have had her for both ENGL352 half in person-half online, and ENGL498 all online. Out of the professors I've had for workshop so far, she is the best. We get ample time to discuss each other's work and the workload is reasonable. She is responsive to student concerns and grading is easy. On the subjective side, she seems to really understand your writing and doesn't shy away from telling you what you should be doing differently. Her humor is great as well.
Emily Mitchell
Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/02/2018
There were a lot of extraneous assignments when I took this class. I felt that the level of work we were doing was not anywhere near "advanced." The class was rigidly structured, and we spent a lot of time discussing things such as "what makes a good sentence." While understanding the basics of rhetoric, plot, theme, and character development are vital to writing fiction, they are usually covered in the beginner and intermediate courses we are required to pass before making it to this one. So, I felt that our time was not being used as effectively. In addition, the restrictions on what kind of fiction we were allowed to write were disappointing. I feel that in higher level classes, freedom to explore our interests and talents should be greater, not lesser. She was a fair grader, but I did not enjoy the class because of the strict way it was taught.