Reviews for professors for ENME470

Professor Information Review
Peter Chung
Expecting a C
Anonymous 05/21/2019
The FEA course has been redesigned starting Spring 2019, and it is significantly harder now that the course is half theory, half software. Peter Chung teaches it all as if you know everything about FEA already, and in particular the theory is very dense and hard to understand. The class itself isn't too bad, but the exams are well beyond the difficulty level of the homeworks or anything done in class. I would not recommend this class to anyone, and I would warn against it now, especially if you have heard it is an easy A.
Guangming Zhang
Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/30/2015
Dr. Zhang is probably one of the best professors on campus. All he cares about is can you operate the CAD programs. Class is literally him doing the homework problems in the program, and if you can follow him (or his book, which is unpirateable but useful) you will have half the homework done each class. Homework can take a while, but he has office hours every week and really wants you to succeed. Middle Button!
Guangming Zhang
Expecting an A
edlevin 01/21/2012
Great class, really get to learn more about pro/e and other FEA software. For best experience I would recommend taking 414 first and then 470, 470 will be much much easier this way because you will already know the basics around the software. The tests can be nerve racking when you first get them but it is nice that attendance and homework's count as a good portion of your grades. Zhang is the best! Take as many classes with him if he is an option.