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Seminar in Comparative Politics; Social Movements

Restriction: Must be in Government & Politics program or Government & Politics: International Relations program. Prerequisite: GVPT200 or GVPT280 Discussion-intensive advanced seminar exploring the ways that social movements mobilize, the role of governments and bystanders in shaping that process, and the outcomes that they produce through connecting history, theory, and scholarship to contemporary politics. Special topics include youth movements and campus activism, transnationalism, and violent vs. non-violent strategies.

Sister Courses: GVPT459A, GVPT459B, GVPT459C, GVPT459D, GVPT459E, GVPT459F, GVPT459G, GVPT459H, GVPT459I, GVPT459J, GVPT459K, GVPT459L, GVPT459N, GVPT459O, GVPT459P, GVPT459Q, GVPT459R, GVPT459T, GVPT459U, GVPT459V, GVPT459W, GVPT459X, GVPT459Y

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