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Seminar in Comparative Politics; Political Radicalism: Comparing Communism and Fascism

Prerequisite: GVPT280 or GVPT282. Restriction: Must be in Government and Politics Honors program. Introduction to basic issues of constitutional law in a global and comparative perspective. Topics: constitution making and amending, enforcing, suspending, and reasoning with constitutions. Federalism and separation of powers. Fundamental rights. Constitutionalism outside the West. Constitutions beyond states. In this course the US Constitution will not be discussed.

Sister Courses: GVPT459A, GVPT459B, GVPT459C, GVPT459D, GVPT459E, GVPT459F, GVPT459G, GVPT459I, GVPT459J, GVPT459K, GVPT459L, GVPT459M, GVPT459N, GVPT459O, GVPT459P, GVPT459Q, GVPT459R, GVPT459T, GVPT459U, GVPT459V, GVPT459W, GVPT459X, GVPT459Y

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