Seminar in American Politics; Minority Politics

Prerequisite: GVPT170 Restriction: Must be in Government & Politics or Government & Politics: International Relations program. A comprehensive examination of how minority groups operate within the U.S. political system. The substantive focus of the course will be on the historical position of minorities in the U.S. political system, on different concepts of representation, on minority group identity, and on political participation and policy issues that are of particular importance to minorities.

Sister Courses: GVPT479A, GVPT479B, GVPT479C, GVPT479F, GVPT479G, GVPT479H, GVPT479I, GVPT479K, GVPT479L, GVPT479M, GVPT479O, GVPT479P, GVPT479R, GVPT479W, GVPT479Y

Spring 2022

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