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Applied Contextual Leadership; Leadership and Education

This course will explore public education policy in the United States, including historical context, the achievement gap, school funding, standardized testing, and alternatives to the current public education system. It will also explore the meaning of leadership in an educational context and advocacy for change within this context. All students enrolled in the course must commit six hours per week of the semester to work with the America Reads, America Counts, or Partners in Print program and must receive permission to enroll by contacting Alison Barlow at Visit for more information about AR*AC*PNP programs.

Sister Courses: HESI318A, HESI318B, HESI318C, HESI318D, HESI318E, HESI318F, HESI318G, HESI318I, HESI318J, HESI318N, HESI318O, HESI318P, HESI318R, HESI318T, HESI318W, HESI318Z

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